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Listingly.com adds support for iPhone users
June 15, 2007, 4:13 pm
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Listinlgy today announce the release of an additional entrance specifically designed for iPhone users.

At it’s core, Listingly is a sophisticated list maker that allows users to create private lists, or shared lists for collaboration. Smart Lists including autosuggestion make building specific kinds of lists, like groceries a breeze.

Listingly is designed to use mobile computing for specific tasks that a user needs while out and about.  Signup, sharing and configuration actions are most often performed on the desktop. Listingly’s clean and spacious design provides powerful tools to create and manage lists.  On the cell phone mobile device,  Listingly provides a simplified interface that is fast, clear, and uses a minimum of bandwidth.  The new entrance skins the current mobile interface to look very much at home on the iPhone.

Listingly.com has seen reasonable growth since it’s launch in April 2007. To date it has appealed to early technology adopters with higher end mobile devices and data subscriptions.

Keith Hunniford, WUMP Services CEO remarks, “Many people use Listingly for joint family shopping lists and print them, but we do have phone users too. When I built the site in early 2007 I knew that one day the average person wouldn’t think twice about using web applications on their phones. What I didn’t realize was that day would be as close as June 29. The release of the iPhone will create a dramatic shift .”

About Listingly.com

Listingly.com is a creation of WUMP Services Inc. is a Denver based Internet development company that focuses on the creation of innovative and dynamic web applications.



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