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Shopping List Site combines Desktop Power with Cell Phone Flexibility.
April 19, 2007, 4:28 pm
Filed under: innovation

Summary:Listingly.com is a free mobile friendly site that allows users to create and manage private or shared lists at the desktop, and view them on any web enabled cell phone mobile device. Perfect for grocery, todo, wishlists or any other type of checklist.

In a perfect world, lists should be so smart they help you create them, be sharable with friends, family and others, and always be right there in your pocket.

WUMP Services Inc. announces the launch of Listingly.com, a free service that brings together the power of the desktop computer and the “always-close-at-hand” availability of the mobile cell phone device.

Listingly can be used for any kind of list, and at launch includes a “Smart List” for Groceries allowing for less typing at home, and less walking at the store!

The Grocery Smart List auto-suggests items as the user types and auto-groups the shopping list by grocery department. This and the ability to remember previously deleted items makes compiling a list fast and easy, and of course, items can be checked off at the store using any web enabled cell phone.

At it’s core, Listingly is a sophisticated list manager useful for to do lists, shopping lists and any other type of checklist. Lists can be private or open to any number of people. Items can be grouped together, and item history can be remembered for fast re-insertion and memory jogging.

Signup, sharing and configuration actions are performed on the desktop. Listingly’s clean and spacious design provides powerful tools to create and manage lists. On the cell phone mobile device, Listingly provides a simplified interface that is fast, clear and uses a minimum of bandwidth.

About Listingly.com
Listingly.com is a creation of WUMP Services Inc. is a Denver based Internet development company that focuses on the creation of innovative and dynamic web applications.



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