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What is Wump all about?
January 22, 2007, 6:44 am
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That’s a good place to start. Firstly, “Wump” is WUMP Service Inc. a company based in Denver Colorado. The word “company” is somewhat loose here as it has only had one employee.. That would be me. Wump has evolved. When I first came to the US from Europe, WUMP was a website development shop. This was back in 1999, and I hated customer service, so developed a content management system ( CMS ). Ahead of it’s time, but website development for other people got boring.  From day one on the internet, WUMP worked with MIVASCRIPT.  It was called HTMLSCRIPT back then, but became MIVA. Not the same MIVA as today.. long story.

Anyway. Back then, MIVASscript was a language. MIVA created MIVA Merchant, an ecommerce shopping cart application, cleverly marketed through the hosting channel. Now, sadly, MIVAScript is simply a language used to  create
modules to be sold and / or added to MIVA Merchant.  From pretty much any perspective it is a really bad idea to use MIVAScript to code anything unrelated to MIVA Merchant.

So… In 2001, WUMP launched a website called MvCool.com.  It was a hybrid MIVA Merchant 4 store that allowed MIVA Module developers to add their MIVA Merchant modules to the store, and sell them to end users. In other words, it was a location to sell “add on” plugins to people who were using MIVA Merchant to create an ecommerce store.

It grew.. then it grew. By 2003 it outgrew it competitor and mother MIVA took notice. After failing miserably in an effort to complete, MIVA purchased MvCool, and I went along for the ride joining the management team at the MIVA Small Business division in San Diego.

Enough history. That all ended in March 2006.  At that point WUMP took some time off. It has been reborn as a company that thinks up great internet applications, makes them real, nurtures them, and either builds revenue from the, or sells them.

That is the plan.  In terms of technology there is now a mixture in the mix.  The shift from MIVAScript has meant a whole new world, and after jumping into PHP for a while, the chips have landed, and WUMP is happy to consider Ruby on Rails, on MySQL to be the vehicle to allow it to quickly and efficiently bring innovated internet applications to reality.

Watch this space for untildone.com, tpjam.com, yikini.com, and moshme.com in the coming months.


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